This system does not require that you login to open a ticket.  There are a number of ways you can open a ticket; create a login, login with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, or not login at all.  Of these, I suggest you either not login at all or use the Google button.  I will detail how to do both of these.

To use the Google login button you MUST first be logged into your school email account.  When you click the Google login button the browser will identify you to the helpdesk system and automatically log you in without the need for a username or password.  While you could use the "Sign up with us" button and create an account I do not advise this as it is just another username and password you will have to remember.  This system does not synchronize passwords with our network so your computer/email password will not work.

The second method simply requires you to click on the "Home" tab on the helpdesk.  Then click on "New support ticket" to open a ticket.